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Singer-songwriter, Dan Johnson's latest album is a superb example of homage and reverence for legendary artistic influences, brought together with the glue of distinct individualism and uniqueness. 

Poignant lyrics, rich use of harmony, and a notable focus on composition and arrangement are the hallmarks of Johnson’s albums and live shows. Dan’s lyrical influences such as Kris Kristofferson and Walt Wilkins (who joins Dan on “Troubadour’s Prayer” shine throughout the album with sparing but meaningful use of metaphor and poetic color. "Every time I listen to a Kristofferson album, I think to myself, 'Oh that's where I got that sound,” Johnson remarks. 

“One of the greatest beauties of Americana and particularly Texas music is the latitude it gives artists to push the bounds of the genre, whether you’re talking about pioneers like Steve Earle or Ray Wylie Hubbard or some of the amazing younger artists on the scene like Sturgill Simpson, Jason Eady, or Drew Kennedy. It’s like a playground, and I absolutely love it. It’s such an honor to be part of the scene and its heritage," says Johnson.


Whether you identify as a fan of Americana, Country, or Texas music, be on the lookout for more work from Dan Johnson and the Salt Cedar Rebels.

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