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Oh Lordy I-40 - Song Notes

November 28, 2013

Key of G


Dan original

classic, upbeat, 3 chord country

Dan intro's in slower style - picks up in last phrase for band to come in



Oh lordy I 40 won’t you carry me through the night

I hit Oklahoma City bout a quarter past 9

just over the horizon I see Amarillo lights

I'm headed straight on through And by tomorrow morning I'll be by my baby side


she said she needed more than our little town

I said we got all we need your baby just look around

she said that I was being lazy I told her girl you must be crazy

she packed her bags and head out west bound.

I sat there all day after she had gone

And I contemplated all the many reasons she was wrong

besides I probably need my space but I sure do miss her pretty face

oh to hell with pride I knew she was right I hope I didn't wait too long

I'll bet she's headed out to New Mexico

Her sisters out in Albuquerque and she always said she'd go

so I damn near helped her pack her bag and I let her go but I want her back

Now she’s headed out but I’ll track her down for sure

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