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I Have Seen the Devil - Song Notes

November 28, 2013

One chord jam in D

Dan is in wierd D and A only tuning

Bill drops E string to D

Lots of Slide

  1. Dan/Scott Intro

    1. Scott first bar play lick

    2. Scott hold long D for second bar

  2. Church Organ

  3. Verses just dan  and Bill on Slide

  4. Full band chorus

Band is a bit quieter during the lyric heavy verses

Big Jam after each verse

Drums giving a tom and bass heavy thumping throughout - heavy on cymbals during jams

At finish, listen for dans walk down on high string


I have seen the devil. He looks a lot like me. No soul behind those cold blue eyes, he’s evil and unclean.

And if he’s got a heart at all, it beats the drums of death. And you can smell the sulfury flames of hell in every smoky breath.

There’s a sweetness in his salty smile something like the taste of blood. He’s got dirt beneath his fingernails from all the graves he’s dug. His voice is calm, his tongue is slick, he sings his song so smooth.

But like black ice on the highway, he’ll dance you to your doom.

He don’t carry no pitchfork. You can’t see his cloven hooves. He hides his horns in that wild hair. Oh he plays the part so good.

He’ll take your hand, be your best friend, you’ll walk right by his side. Child it’s too late to turn back now, trust me you’ll enjoy the ride

Now the Devil he won’t ever change he’s been like this all along. Every dirty deal, every soul he steals, every right he’s turned to wrong.

God made the devil set his free on earth, like a hurricane at sea. People I have seen the devil. He looks a lot like me.

On a quiet moonlit midnight, I went walking with the man. I said I need you to forgive me lord, but I don’t know if you can.

God turned to look right at me. Said there’s something you should see. I have seen my savior. He looks a lot like me.

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